New SIPA Executive Director

SIPA - Structural Insulated Panel Association

The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) recently the appointment of Jack Armstrong as the association’s new Executive Director. As the trade group’s top staff member, Armstrong will spearhead the association’s efforts to promote the use and acceptance of structural insulated panels (SIPs).

Armstrong brings to the position a diverse background of experience, including both marketing and manufacturing management roles in the chemical industry. He is the former Director of Marketing Communications in North America for BASF – The Chemical Company.

“After years on the manufacturing side, I’m excited to step into this new role of marketing an energy-efficient and sustainable product for today’s high performance buildings,” said Armstrong. “I see an emerging industry that is poised for growth with our nation’s expanding emphasis on combating climate change through sustainable design and construction.”

R-Control, as the largest SIPA member, supports SIPA activities to help its members become more competitive in the marketplace by working together through collective marketing and technical research projects.

For more information on SIPA, visit

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New R-Control SIP Applications Brochure

R-Control SIP Applications Brochure

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new R-Control SIP Applications Brochure.  R-Control SIPs can be used to build all types of structures and our new literature showcases some fantastic and varied structures made with R-Control SIPs.  We hope the new brochure will help inspire you as an architect, designer, or building owner to consider R-Control SIPs for your next project.

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New R-Control SIP Tape Roof Installation Instructions

SIP Tape Installation Instructions

We are pleased to announce the availability of new illustrated R-Control SIP Tape Installation Instructions.

R-Control SIP Tape has been used for many years in combination with R-Control Do-All-Ply to provide airtight seals at R-Control SIP roof joints.  The new R-Control SIP Tape Installation Instructions were developed to provide step by step application instructions to ensure the proper application of R-Control SIP use on roofs.  In particular, the instructions show how to use R-Control SIP Tape over supporting beams in roof construction. The instruction are intended to complement the existing R-Control SIP Construction Manual details showing R-Control SIP Tape use.

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New R-Control SIP Technical Bulletin SIP No. 2081 – IECC Insulation U-Factor Requirements

R-Control Tech Bulletin 2081

R-Control is pleased to announce R-Control SIP Technical Bulletin SIP No. 2081 – IECC Insulation U-Factor Requirements is now available.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is a leading energy code that is applicable to both commercial and residential buildings.  The IECC is often adopted as a code requirement at the State level and has prescriptive insulation requirements for building.  The new R-Control SIP technical bulletin includes tables with the U-factor requirements of the 2012 IECC and provides the R-Control SIP thickness required to meet the IECC requirements.

The new Technical Bulletin is available in the R-Control website Technical Library.

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Update to R-Control ICC-ES ESR-2233 Code Report

Updated ICC-ES ESR-2233 Code Report

We are pleased to announce the availability of an updated R-Control ICC-ES ESR-2233.  ESR-2233 now has a September 2013 revision date.

R-Control staff worked with ICC-ES staff for a number of years on the development of an ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for recognition of SIPs in Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F.  An industry first test which included combined axial and cyclical (seismic) shear testing was conducted to demonstrate compliance to the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria.  As a result of this new testing, R-Control SIPs connected with a surface or block spline are now recognized by ICC-ES for use in Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F.  In addition, R-Control SIPs with a 4X spline and 6” o.c. nail spacing are also recognized for use in Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F.

A number of other small editorial changes were made to align the R-Control ESR-2233 with other ICC-ES reports on SIPs.

The updated ESR-2233 is available on the R-Control website at or on the ICC-ES website at

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R-Control SIP Press Release – Expanded R-Control SIP Capacity

GeoFaze Press Release

AFM Corporation is proud to announce expanded availability of R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (R-Control SIPs) in North America. AFM welcomes a new manufacturing and marketing licensee to expand the number of AFM R-Control SIP licensees from seven to eight. GeoFaze™ Structural Insulated Panels is now recognized as an R-Control SIP Licensee of AFM Corporation.

GeoFaze SIPs, located in Kerrville, TX now joins the group of AFM R-Control Structural Insulated Panel licensees as a fully qualified manufacturing and marketing licensed facility.  For additional information about GeoFaze, please visit

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R-Control SIPs selected for the Stanford University “Start.Home”, Solar Decathlon 2013

Solar Decathlon 2013

Since 2002 the Department of Energy has challenged universities from around the world to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractiveThis year’s competition includes 20 university teams competing to achieve these worthy goals.  Follow this link to lean about the 2013 Solar Decathlon story:

The team from Stanford University is fully committed to building the very best entry in the competition and this starts with the structural envelope of the Start.Home being constructed with R-Control SIPs.  Click on the following link to learn more about the Stanford University Start.Home:

Stay with our blog to learn about future events for Start.Home and the Solar Decathlon 2013 competition!

Thanks to ACH Foam Technologies for manufacturing the R-Control SIPs for Start.Home.

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New R-Control SIP Roof Attachment Pattern Details

SIP Roof Attachment Pattern Details

We are pleased to announce new R-Control SIP roof attachment pattern details are now available.

Three new R-Control SIP details (SIP-135, SIP-135a, and SIP-135b) provide connection patterns for R-Control SIP screws connecting R-Control SIP roofs to support members.  The details provide end spacing recommendations and also address multi-span connection patterns.  The details complement Load Design Chart #8.

  • SIP-135 – 12 in. on center connection patterns
  • SIP-135a – 8 in. on center connection patterns
  • SIP-135b – 6 in. on center connection patterns

The updated R-Control SIP details are available in the R-Control Technical Library.

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APA/ANSI Standard for SIPs Approved

APA/ANSI Standard for SIPs Approved

A new ANSI standard for SIPs has been released.   ANSI/APA PRS 610.1-2013, “Standard for Performance-Rated Structural Insulated Panels in Wall Applications” was approved on May 28th, 2013.  The standard established the first national consensus-based standard for structural insulated panels (SIPs).  The APA/ANSI PRS 610.1 SIP standard requires minimum component properties and minimum SIP performance values.

The APA/ANSI PRS 610.1 SIP performance standard is a breakthrough moment for the SIP industry and will lead to greater acceptance of SIPs by engineers, architects, builders, code officials, and all others in the building industry.  R-Control supports the new APA/ANSI PRS 610.1 SIP performance, but for detailed structural information the use of SIP evaluation reports is needed since the scope of the standard is limited.

For complete information on R-Control SIPs, please refer to the R-Control SIP Load Design Charts and R-Control ICC ES ESR-2233.

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NEW R-Control SIP Project Profile

R-Control SIP Project ProfileWe are pleased to announce the addition of a new project profile to the R-Control SIP Project Profile library.  We have added the Habitech project supplied by Noark Enterprises of North Little Rock, AR.  The project showcases the use of R-Control SIPs for an affordable home with a modern architectural design.  The project was designed by the Louisiana Tech School of Architecture.

More R-Control SIP project profiles can be found on the R-Control SIP website at

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