Deep Energy Retrofit project achieves a 70% energy reduction

Tim Tudor teaches classes on LEED and green building at the Boston Carpenter Apprenticeship and Training Fund.  He’s now put some of his lessons in to practice by doing a deep energy retrofit to his own home.  The Tudor project was the first done under the Cape Light Compact pilot program.  The goal of the program is to achieve significant energy reductions of 50% of more, by using materials and methods that deliver energy efficiency.  The Tudor home achieved a 70% reduction which would net a $17,000 rebate from this program.

12-1/4” R-Control SIPs were selected to be used on the roof bringing the roof’s R-value up to R-60.  The SIPs provided superior strength, insulation, air sealing, and energy efficiency when compared to other retrofit methods.  The SIP panels were manufactured by Branch River Plastics in Rhode Island.

Also used on the project: 4” Foam-Control EPS as a perimeter insulation on the foundation walls.  In addition, 4” Foam-Control Nailbase panels were attached to the exterior walls and covered by a weather barrier and siding.  The R-value rating for the walls is now R-25 and well air sealed.

The Architect / Contractor on this project was Tim Tudor LEED AP.

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