SIP Life Cycle Analysis

R-Control is pleased to announce that a SIP Life Cycle Analysis conducted by the Expanded Polystyrene Molders Association (EPSMA) SIPs Work Group and funded by R-Control is now available.

SIP Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis involves looking at all steps in the production of SIPs from raw material extraction, manufacturing, shipment, and finally use as a building component.

The amount of energy (BTU’s) and global warming potential (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) were determined for using SIPs for the exterior of a house compared to the same house built with stick framing. The subsequent impact of energy use and emissions reduction over the life of the building are compared.

The results of the study are dramatic and show that SIPs are an earth friendly material with a U.S. average payback period of approximately 5 years for energy and 4 years for global warming potential.

The Life Cycle Analysis results are available in the Life Cycle section of the R-Control website at

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