R-Control Update: ICC-ES ESR-2233 Code Report


We are pleased to announce the availability of an updated R-Control ICC-ES ESR-2233.  ESR-2233 was revised July 2016.  The report now recognizes some R-Control SIP shear walls with aspect ratios up to 3.5:1.

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R-Control SIPS and Low Load HVAC Design

DOE ZERH Technical Webinar Low Load HVAC

The HVAC design for R-Control SIP buildings often requires low load HVAC systems due to the tight building envelope and high R-value of R-Control SIP construction.

The Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program recently hosted a webinar to discuss many of the issues around low load HVAC design.  The topics covered in the webinar are applicable to the design of HVAC systems for R-Control SIP structures.

The webinar is available online for convenient playback at: http://energy.gov/eere/buildings/downloads/zerh-webinar-low-load-hvac-zero-energy-ready-homes

We hope you enjoy learning about key HVAC design techniques and critical pitfalls to avoid when building highly energy efficient buildings.

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R-Control Technical Bulletin Update:

R-Control TD 2072

We are pleased to announce the availability of updated R-Control SIP Technical Bulletin No. 2072 covering James Hardie fiber cement siding.

The R-Control Technical Bulletin was revised to include the James Hardie authored Technical Bulletin covering application over SIPs as an attachment.  A copy of the updated R-Control Technical Bulletin is available in the R-Control Technical literature library at http://www.r-control.com/library/technical/

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2015 Blitz Build – Habitat for Humanities

2015 Blitz BuildHabitat for Humanity Vail Valley, CO just completed their 20 Year Anniversary Build Blitz and R-Control SIPs were invited to the party!

Big Sky R-Control supplied R-Control SIPs for the building of 4 homes that were constructed by volunteers in just 8 days.  Follow the links on the Vail Valley Habitat website and see the time lapse video showing the construction sequence.  Congratulations to Habitat For Humanity Vail Valley for 20 years of community service!

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R-Control Energy Savings Calculator Update

R-Control Energy Saving Calculator
R-Control Energy Savings Calculator Update

We are pleased to announce an update to the R-Control Energy Savings Calculator.

The calculator map and calculations have been updated to coincide with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) climate zones 1-8.

The R-Control Energy savings calculator is available at: http://www.r-control.com/library/sip-energy-savings-calculator/.

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R-Control SIP Construction Manual Update

R-Control SIP Construction Manual

We are pleased to announce the January 2015 release/printing of the R-Control SIP Construction Manual.

A significant number of updates to the Technical Bulletin section of the manual were completed.  Many of the updates were editorial in nature.  A small number of editorial edits were also made to the introductory General Recommendation section.

The following Technical Bulletins previously released are now included in the January 2015 printed manual:

SIP No. 2078: R-Control SIP Attachment to Supports
SIP No. 2079: Metal Roofing Attachment
SIP No. 2080: Roof Uplift Load Design Chart 8a – High Wind Regions
SIP No. 2081: IECC Insulation U-Factor Requirements
SIP No. 2082: R-Control SIPs as an Air Barrier

The updated R-Control SIP Construction Manual is available from the R-Control website at: http://www.r-control.com/library/technical/

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VISION House Mariposa Meadows

Green Builder Media proudly is currently constructing an entirely self-sufficient, off-grid project perched high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The project is the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows. The project will unite extraordinary design, extreme performance, innovative products and intelligent technology.

The goal is to demonstrate how homes built in an extreme, high-altitude setting can be optimized for performance, self-sufficiency, durability and resource management. The homes will display solutions that can be applied in climate zones across the nation. The project will focus on key sustainability elements such as energy efficiency, renewables, water and resource conservation, healthy indoor air quality, durability and enabling technologies.

Learn more about SIPs and the project with this video.

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R-Control Update: ICC-ES ESR-2233 Code Report


We are pleased to announce the availability of an updated R-Control ICC-ES ESR-2233.  ESR-2233 now has a November 2014 revised date.  The R-Control SIP manufacturing locations were updated with this revision.

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Stanford University’s Solar Decathlon prize winning entry used SIPs


AFM’s R-Control Licensee, ACH Foam Technologies supplies R-Control SIPs to build the Stanford University’s Solar Decathlon prize winning entry, “The Start Home”.

Click here to learn more.

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Updated SIPA Technical Bulletin No. 008 – Wall Aspect Ratios for SIPs

SIPA Tech Bulletin #8

R-Control is a key funder and supporter of the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) and R-Control staff is active within SIPA to promote the use of SIPs. As part of SIPA’s activity, SIPA publishes Technical Bulletins that complement R-Control Technical Bulletins.

An update to SIPA Technical Bulletins No. 008 which discusses the IBC and IRC requirements for shear wall aspect ratios and recommends SIPs are suitable for use at aspect ratios similar to existing code allowances for blocked wood structural panels.  The updated Technical Bulletin now include reference to results from a 2013 shear wall research project conducted by the Home Innovation Research Labs.

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